Getting The Right Tools

Websecurify Suite is unique because it allows you to choose the best tools for your needs. However, regardless how much we try to make the process as simple as possible it is sometimes not clear what exactly you need. Here you will find a few pointers that may help you out with the decision making process.

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Tools For Individual Use

Every single tool is available for individual use. No restrictions apply. The most popular tool is the Scanner especially if you are looking for an automated web application security testing solution. Other tools such as Retest and Resend may also come handy if you need to verify and re-test vulnerability information.

Novice Users and Developers

In case you need all Scanner, Retest and Resend there is the Starter Pack. This pack was designed for user who would like to go a step beyond the comfort of automation and get their hands dirty when verifying and re-testing vulnerabilities. This pack is also useful to developers for performing basic web application security assessments before going into production.

The Pro User

The pro users may enjoy the Classic pack. This pack incorporates all classic tools and it is a great companion whatever you do. Inside the Classic pack you will find tools for scanning, bruteforcing, fuzzing and much more. These tools are great for web developers as well as professional penetration testers.

Professional Penetration Testers

If you are a professional penetration tester than you should look into Scanner, Recon, HTTPView, JSONFuzz, Xmlfuzz and Formfuzz. This selection gives you the best combination of manual and fully automated tools, which work in various situations. A more cost-effective option is to subscribe to the Classic pack, which incorporates all these tools plus a few more.

Small Development Team

Even if you are not performing security assessments professionally you should always be on the lookout for web vulnerabilities. This is why we invented the Team pack. This pack contains all of our tools that you can distribute to 5 people from your team. This is enough to get your security operations going without investing too much into external penetration tests or even bug bounties.

Small To Medium Size Consultancy

The Consultancy pack works best for web security consultants and development teams. You can subscribe up to 50 users. All tools from are available on this plan so it is generally excellent choice regardless what you do. The Consultancy pack is one of the most cost-effective way to use the Websecurify Suite tools but it also provides most flexibility.

Large Enterprises And Beyond

For large enterprise organizations we have the Enterprise pack. This pack will fit you only if you are, well a large company. The Enterprise pack contains all of our tools that you can distribute to 500 users from your organization. You also get enterprise support, priority on feature requests and much more. This pack simply superb in every possible way.