How To Use The Market

The Suite Market is a place where you can find our web application security tools. Generally speaking tools divide into two categories: free and premium. A collection of tools is known as a pack. Some packs allow multi-user subscriptions.

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Let's explore some all these in detail.

Free Apps

You will find that the market contains many free tools that you can use without registration, trial or a subscription. The free tools have icons with light background so that you can easily differentiate them from the premium tools. If you need an automated scanner you can start with Foundation. For Cross-site Request Forgeries you can use RForge. For playing with HTTP requests and responses simply use Rest.

Premium Apps

Among the free tools you will find some that are premium. For example, the Scanner is a premium app as well as HTTPView, JSONFuzz, Xmlfuzz and a few others. The premium tools are better in many aspects and this is why they are only available with a valid subscription. To get a subscription simply follow the process illustrated here.

Application Packs

Application Packs (just packs) encapsulate more than one app offered at discounted price. It is more cost-efficient to subscribe to a pack vs several premium tools. There are many packs designed to be used in different situations depending on your needs. The Classic pack is the first one we had on offer and this is why it encapsulates all original tools. However, the Starter pack is also good if you are planning to use automated tools only.

Multi-User Packs

Some packs can be used by more than one user. For example the Team, Consultancy and Enpterise are multi-user packs. These packs are particularly useful if more than one person from your organization need access to web security tools. You may also need to enable your organization to be more effective sharing vulnerability information. This is where the multi-user packs are most useful.