Reading Burp Files With REBurp

REBurp is an utility, which allows you to read any files created by the popular Burp proxy. REBurp is a suitable companion tool if you are used to using Burp but you also want to use tools part of the Suite for convenience and ease of use.

Step 1

Open REBurp by either clicking on the application icon from the Launch screen or by typing the application url directly in your browser.

Screenshot 01

Step 2

As soon as you see the application screen you will be prompted with an option to load a file. Click on the "Select File" button and select a Burp file from your disk. The file will never leave your workstation. It is read directly from REBurp without the help of any servers.

Screenshot 02

Step 3

The file is now loaded.

Screenshot 03

You can use any of the tools from the Suite to interact with the file. For example, you can easily perform a fuzz-test by first selecting a request and then clicking on the Retest button.