Sharing Vulnerability Information

Sharing vulnerability details with your colleagues has never been easier. Inside the standard report structure there are automatically generated links to Retest, Resend and other tools from the online Suite. These links can be shared easily with your colleagues in order to confirm, fix or simply re-test the identified vulnerabilities.

Follow these steps to share a re-testable vulnerability:

Step 1

Perform a test with the Scanner, Foundation, Recon and any other tools from the online Suite that generates a report.

Scanner report

Step 2

Click on the Retest or Resend link bellow the issue you would like to share. A new browser tab will pop-up. You can also click on the Email link which will generate an email ready to be sent.

Issue sharing options

Step 3

Share the issue via email, instant messaging or include it in a report, your bug tracking system, commit log, etc. The link contains everything that is required to replay and retest the issue. Developers can easily click on the link and see the vulnerability in action. Fixes can be applied until the Retest tool produces positive results.

GitHub vulnerability reporting