Starting A Subscription

All premium tools start with a trial period. However, if you have already been through one then you will have to start a subscription. Don't worry the process is very simple and you can always get in touch if you need help.

To start a subscription just follow these steps.

Step 1

Select an app or a pack that you would like to subscribe to. We recommend the Scanner, Starter Pack or the Classic Pack.

Screenshot 07

Step 2

Once you hover over the subscription button you will get some extra options. You can select between two different subscription methods, such as Google Wallet and Stripe. If you select Stripe, you will have to enter you credit card details but do not worry. Your information will be safely processed by Stripe and handled entirely by their secure platform.

Screenshot 08

Step 3

Some apps and packs provide alternative subscription options such as annual subscriptions. You can access all of this information from the "Subscription Options" drop-down screen.

Screenshot 09

Step 4

The final step is simply to navigate to the Launchpad and start using the tool. Get in touch if you are stuck. We are here to help.

Screenshot 10