What Is The Suite

Websecurify Suite (now known as secapps.com) is the first and only web security solution designed to run entirely from your web browser. It packs our awesome web application security testing framework combined with the power of client-side technologies.

The Suite provides a marketplace of highly integrated web application security tools. You will find that different areas are covered by various domain-specific solutions. The Suite consists of automated scanners, fuzzers, utilities and many other tools useful in a variety of situations. There are also a veriety of packs which contain multiple applications.

The Websecurify Suite scanning technology is able to discover a diverse set of issues from XSS, SQL Injection, Local File Includes to Default Logins, Session Problems and many others. OWASP TOP 10, WASC and many other lists are well supported. For the complete list of vulnerabilities we can test for, just follow the link over here.